is my fantail goldfish a boy or a girl??

zgardennut(zone5b)October 28, 2008

Does anyone know how to tell a boy from a girl in the fantail goldfish world???

The one keeps chasing the other around the tank all day!

Please help!

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I have had alot of success with all my goldfish questions and problems at this site, lots of helpful people. There is a whole section on breeding and sexing in the forum. Here is the forum link.

I have always had better luck seeing the breeding stars on the males. Alot easier than the whole booty check :) Hope this helps, good luck.

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if in spawning mode the male will have white ick like patches on the gills. Females are more round but in egg shaped goldfish all of them are... well round.

I hope you know how big goldfish can get?

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ichthius(z7 Or)

The one in back is usually the boy.

best fishes

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