Java fern turning brownish

dnordstr(z3)October 27, 2005


Does anyone know why my java fern would be turning a dark red-ish brown colour (spotted all over the plant). I am new to aquarium plants. I got the java fern a few weeks ago from Petsmart and until the last week I only had a 20W light, but for the last week I have had 65W light (6700K) on in the tank for about 14 hours/day. I don't have any supplemental C02 and I have my hornwort in there from my pond. I can try to post a picture if that might help.

Thanks for anyone who might know! And special thanks to woeisme for his past and future help.

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woeisme(z7b NC)

A picture helps, if it is just the ends and minimal spots on the leaves , I think it is normal in a newly aquired java fern. It takes a while to "break in", at least IME. Doesn't "need" organic CO2 but it will speed growth. I selected a nice one with no brown spots, attached it to a piece of driftwood and put it in an isolation tank. After a week it browned, then greened up nice once more. The link below has good info on aquatic plants.

Here is a link that might be useful: Tropica Aquatics

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