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beachplant(9b)October 15, 2006

I recently acquired my friends guppies when she moved out of town. There are probably a couple hundred from tiny fry to preggo mammas. I put them in the pond & they love it. A lot more space than they had before.

How cold tolerant are they? the goldfish do fine in the winter but will the guppies need a heater? The pond is an old bathtub sunken in the garden.

I'm zone 9b, no hard freezes as a rule and if we do get any freezing weather it's usually only a couple of hours once or twice during the season, not enough to bring in the orchids even.

BUT it does get fairly cold, OK, for me, fairly cold, 50's average, some 40's and of course up to the 70-80 range.

There is a filter and pump in the pond.

Thanks tons!

Tally HO!

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

I'm in Palm Beach county and have kept many species outdoors for many years. 40 degrees seem to fatal point for most types Angelfish are VERY cold sensitive.
Heaters don't work very well out doors you end up with hotspots. I cover with bubble wrap on the surface when temps drop below 40. Be sure to remove it the next day as the sun will quickly warm it up.
I suspect Guppies should do fine unless there is a freeze. gary

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littlecosmos(z6 PA)

Goldfish are cold water fish, guppies can not tolerate the temperature fluctuations that gold fish can. There is a great web site that will give you information on any type of fish. It is a family oriented site and the people there are very knowledgeable and helpful. Good luck with all those guppies!

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