cichlid eggs??

ArianaPerryOctober 4, 2005

I've had two cichlids living in a 20 gallon tank for about three months now and have recently added another albino cichlid. I'm not 100% sure what kind they are but they were less than $20 each if the cost helps anyone identify them. Anyways.. the point is that I noticed that my albino fish was being very irratable towards the other fish when they were previously getting along. Then yesterday I noticed that there were things that look like eggs on one of the decorations in the tank and the fish is really really protective over the area, fighting with the other fish when they get too close (they lock mouths and fling eachother around). What am I supposed to do with the eggs? Will they hatch and should the babies be left in the tank or taken out so the other fish don't eat them?? I wasn't expecting to have to deal with baby fish... but I really hope they hatch!!



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woeisme(z7b NC)

Use the link below for cichlid identification and good info. There is a messageboard to post for specialized info on genus/species and breeding. They don't sound like Africans of Lake Malawi because they are mouth brooders. May be another african lake or new world (american) or even South American. Price and albino don't help. Albino's are common in alot of species of cichlids. Price is variable also. Only thing that could help is a picture.

Here is a link that might be useful: cichlid forum

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drygulch(z9 AZ)

Interesting. Without seeing the fish...can you take digital pics and post them? There are many hundreds of species of cichlids, so all we can say at this point is that the three fish are probably at least distantly related.

If you actually have a male and female of the same species, the eggs could well be viable. First spawnings are iffy in many cases, and the eggs may or may not have been fertilized. Keep in mind that female fish will sometimes spawn on their own, and spend a few days defending dead eggs.

Hybrids do occur, so it's possible that the eggs are fertile even if you don't actually have a conspecific pair.

Female cichlids will sometimes eat their own spawns. It has been theorized that they do this because their instincts tell them that their environment is too fraught with danger for the baby fish to survive.

If you can remove the other two fish (good luck!) without overly traumatizing the would-be mother, it might be a good idea to do so.

Raising the babies (if any) can be a whole 'nother challenge. Depending on species, feeding the babies can be somewhat challenging, or very easy it depends on how particular they are about what they'll eat. Some will take prepared foods and others will only eat live critters.

If your eggs do hatch and you want further help, let me know.

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drygulch(z9 AZ)

I suspect that your fish might be convict cichlids. Check out the attached link for potentially helpful information.

Here is a link that might be useful: convict cichlid info

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my fish look like the convict pictures. I don't know how to put pics on this thing. most of the eggs are gone but there are a number of ones that have turned white and are getting bigger.

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drygulch(z9 AZ)

If they have turned white, they have likely "fungused" and are dead. If it was me, I would just let nature take it's course and see what happens.

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