Cory Cats

northspruce(z3a MB CDA)October 29, 2005

I got my second tank and am cycling it, so I'm not actually buying or moving any fish yet, but I need corydora advice to plan ahead.

I've been informed that corys like to school so I am going to buy mine some little friends. One or two at a time. But if I can't find all the same colour, are they going to like each other? The one I have is a pepper cory and I don't always see them for sale. Also, what is the minimum schooling number for them? Like would four or five be happy? I don't really want TOO many. TIA

p.s. I'm not too keen on albinos but would consider any other kinds.

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We had green corys when I was growing up, my mom startd with around eight in a 20G tank along with some "fancy guppies" as they were called back then LOL! They were all happy together and to prove it they mated! =) we ended up with like 50 cory eggs actually hatching and we didnt do anything special to make them mate or even to raise the fry, she just let nature do its thing. LOL! dont know if more than one pair mated or what, but we ended up seting up other tanks just for the cory cats, and yes, the corys will school together no matter what type they are,I guess most people would say tha amount of fish you can keep is dependant on the tank size but our corys did rather good considering the size tank. I hope I helped at least a bit! =)

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I have a bronze and an albino and they play together just fine. Go for it!

Fun fish!


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northspruce(z3a MB CDA)

Good! I will see what I can find when the time comes. Thanx.

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NS......Its best if you could get a school of 5 or 6 of the same kind of corys. They will get along with other corys as well....If you can't find any of the same now wait a while...You will probably see them again.


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I definitely agree with Sierra. I've found that cory's like company. And while I've had sets of threes when it comes to like type cory's, they do have lots of fun when there are more than three. I've found that similar patterning or colours also seem to allow school bonding to occur. I always have albino cory's in my tank. I think, and there will be occasion when a lone type of cory (currently I have a very large single bronze cory) that hangs out with them when schooling across the tank.

Cory cats are really fun fish.

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northspruce(z3a MB CDA)

I will aim for 5 pepper cats eventually. I like the pepper ones and that's what I already have. I want them to shool happily. Glad I found out they like to school, it never occurred to me before.

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