Question re Irridescent Shark (catfish) babies????

sherryazure(6)October 25, 2005

hmm was thinking if what I posted here a while back re home for fish (have some takers, one guy has two already in 300 gallon tank, just have to figure out how to get to NJ and I don't think shipping would be good idea as she is really skittish and I see how delivery people treat my boxes without fish! (throw them on street, sit on them eat lunch on them, even when it says take care glass)

the fry look just like the Idshark (catfish)... exactly, her belly was full when I got her. She is under 6 inches and her top fin (dorsal?) is bent just as it said red tailed shark (minnow?) would be in female. Yet this one looks like the photo on planet catfish exactly, and not like the others mentioned ie rainbow shark, red tailed shark and others with those names.. she does not have any red in her fins...

so if they don't breed until much much larger and have never been bread except in commercial breeding ponds, how did this happen. at first I figured eggs in plants... someone at petland said they are inbred to stay small, never heard of this nor believe any thing they say at this point. Any thoughts anyone?

Here is the link again to planet catfish... the second from top left is exactly what mine looks like for now...

Thanks Sherry

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i don't see how that would happen, don't think they are live bearers! and, the larger one would eat smaller ones, wouldn't they? i had a similar fish, similar only, that made a "pet" out of a goldfish for awhile, but usually ate things immediately.

her belly could have been full from food, live or dead. mine even ate a full sized gold gourami. was i in shock! couldn't swim off the bottom for days...

did you get any new plants? how big are the "fry"?

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fariy, thats what i am thinking, from plants... and most fry were eaten by her and or bali (well bali for sure) but they do look exactly like her... one is about 1/2 long, other much smaller.. some fry were so small I could hardly see at first.. thought maybe cats as I had a herd.... looked under magnifying glass and not so.. shape same as adult with this fish.. will know more as they mature, but so far... unless the fish is not id shark, but looks same as in link... sigh, who knows... but only fish in that tank which was cleaned and set up fresh, was bali, and pleco and cories and her what ever she they are, lol thanks sherry

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do you have a small tank to put the fry in by themselves?

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Fairy... they are in with guppies, and what makes me questions them is that they are agressive towards guppies which are sub adult... not small enough to be eaten.. she is so shy - time will tell what they are... I'll let you know, lol... but really can't imagine what they are otherwise... must have been on plants... ... sherry

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i love a creature mystery! if the tank isn't too small, you could try a tank divider to keep them away from the guppies. of course, if not done thoroughly...i have had fish slip through (my rosy barbs to be exact, when i had them).

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Smaller fish can spawn.....if your fish was kept in a small space and has become stunted.....when they get mature/old enough to spawn they will still spawn.

Now having said that.....they are NOT there is no way for a single fish to spawn and have fertilized eggs. A male must be present at the time the eggs are dropped.

Your plants must have been in some sort of holding tank where fish had been spawning. There is a possibility that they are not Id sharks..but something else....Can you go back to the petstore and ask where they got their plants....try to get specific answers....if possible even call the wholesales were the store got them. They might be able to provide more accurate information for you. It usually only takes 3 to 5 days for the eggs to hatch and another 10 to 12 days for the fry to go freeswimming...and a couple of months before they look like baby whatevers. Does this give you an idea of how old they would be? Now what I say here is very general...but might give you some idea.

If they are Id shark babies and you raise them successfully good for you.......but finding homes can be a problem......If you got the eggs from the pet store....they hopefully will take the fry off your hands when they are large enough.

Good luck and keep us posted.....


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woeisme(z7b NC)

There are alot of links to shipping fish, do a yahoo search, "shipping live tropical fish". For the NJ guy, see if he can meet you 1/2 way, of course bring an escort incase he is some sort of nutbag. Take the path to Penn Station Newark from there you can get to a midway point by rail. Maybe make it a combo/shopping ( NJ has better prices then manhattan plus less sales tax, none on clothing and most food)trip so it isn't a big waste of time. A ferry is another option if he lives further South. Just a thought. Possibly you can get some of the things you want for your DIY project. Just a thought.

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Sierra: I was gone about 4 -5 days to Montauk and there they were, just hatched from the very very small size of them (and number were a lot but I think bali picked them off).. just as well... I even called petland headquarters, was hung up on until I told them that wouldn't help their case. Haven't heard back from guy in NJ with 300 gallon tank, but heard from NJ aquarium, they can't take anything as I though but gave me some numbers to call we shall see. In the least, when one of the staff returns from vacation in two weeks, she will take her... she alredy has one and said she had for a long time now and hasn't grown too big???

so at least this one will have some company as they need that. We shall see as they grow up, but so far... must have been eggs on the plants... thanks to all for posts. Sherry (wish I had a digital camera too take photos, not sure if regular one will work) slm

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sierra_z2b take pics of your fish with an SLR....not sure what slm is .....all you have to do is take your pic on an angle to the the flash doesn't reflect back....if you use a can also use top lighting from your aquarium and no flash...but this will result in duller or darker pics.

When fish are first hatched they stay stuck to the plant or surface where they hatched.....they look like shimmering sticks with a egg sac for a belly....once the egg sac is absorbed they go freeswimming....if they are id sharks...its probably a good thing your bala eat them...sad but true.

What did head quarters say about selling plants with fish eggs on.......that has to be a really rare occurance? They hung up on you.....geez.

Hmmm......shipping fish shouldn't be a problem.....the fish are shipped to the stores in large white styofoam containers.....depending on the stores location...they stay in there for 3 days. I have brought back discus from a breeder that was a two day trip...all was fine. I brought back goldfish from a wholesaler I was visiting ...that was also a two-day trip. I have had fish bused to to me taking 18 hours.......If they are packed correctly and in the styrofoam coolers....and clearly marked with big black lettering.....LIVE FISH...FRAGILE they should arrive fine.


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Sierra: slm is my initials oops... they hung up on me when I asked what their policy was re the sell of fish given another name and not the fish stated, statements by staff that said fish won't grow beyond 6 inches, and re the bali shark (minnow)listed as endangered in its native lands... also.. here in NYC packages are thrown around on the streets, see it many times so that's what makes me nervous... even when said fragile glass I sent (won't mention carriers) them have no regard at all. catch you later... thanks for all help... think in the end will give to woman at pet store, if bali leaves her alone for two weeks. Sherry

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I had two Irridescent Sharks that grew two foot long in a 55G (took 4 years) but never bred? one had that huge bump that grows on the snout when they get mature, the other didnt, so I assumed that they were male and female, but I could be wrong, anyways, I think that the fish you have might not be Irridescent Sharks, the size of the eggs in such a fish would be rather large, and even though a fishes growth may be stunned by the size of the tank, I would think that the chances of a male AND female suffering this would be slim, also the chances of such a pair mating? I think you should wait till they are a bit larger to try to identify them, I dont recall the name but there are a much smaller type of fish (about six inches) that look VERY much like Irridescent Sharks, I know that they love to school and do not grow to much bigger than six inches, if I find the name I will post it for you =)

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iliketerrariums: I am beginning to agree, too early to identify, but mostly think what ever they are grew on eggs..

RE your comment about a fish that looks like Irridescent Sharks??? What you mentioned is what the store told me, that they (what ever it is) only grows to about inches, and it does school... mine needs a school but as you can imagine without knowing what it is I would be hesitant to add any more at this point. I think during hours of research I found another similar looking fish but it also did not stay small. Any help in this would be greatly appreciated. Also I only had her/him for a short while before the fry appeared, tank mates were bali shark (minnow) and pleco and cories... Best Sherry

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