HAVE: 2 3/4' Bulbifer Bulb- Dormant

klavier(Z7 Baltimore)August 18, 2005

Of three bulbifer bulbs, one bloomed and is sending up a petiole (sp?)now, one grew, the petiole lasted three months, died and another took its place. The third lost its petiole and went dormant, so I dug it up. A little early, but it did a large amount of growing this year (I have no idea what to do with the tiny bulbils on the dried up petiole). I thought with all the Titanum seedlings going around, someone would be willing to trade one for this Bulbifer bulb. It is definitely bloom size, as the one that bloomed was significantly smaller when it bloomed. If no one wants the bulb for a Titanum, I would trade it for other large blooming amorphs (any size plant is fine), or I would trade anything from my trade list for a Titanum. I am trying to get one for the greenhouse at Binghamnton U. I kind of made a "sort of" promise that I would try and find one for them.

In the case of other amorphs I already have:




I will post a picture of the bulb tomorrow if I get a chance.

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klavier(Z7 Baltimore)

Sorry, that is 2 3/4 inches. Slight apostrophe error.

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srduggins(So. Cal s23/z10)

You could trade the bulbils to me, (or the bulb). Check out my trade list to see if anything interests you. I have a few TB remontant Irises, Alstromaria 'Sweet Laura', among other things

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