plant recommendation for low-tech tank

veryzerOctober 11, 2009

I have a 54 gal. corner aquarium (27" radius / 23" height) and am looking for plants that will perform well.

I'll have 55 watts coming from a 21.5" CF bulb that will by no means light the aquarium uniformly.

Neither will I have CO2 injection (I gave my unit to my brother).

There will be fish and I could use fertilizer if necessary. Please advise on this as I don't want an algae bloom if the lack of CO2 prevents quick fertilizer uptake.


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Java fern, several types of anubias and banana plants are a few that will work.

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From my experience, the co2 is not that important unless you are farming aquatic plants. You can get a good ecosystem going if you have only a few fish and then add a cleaning crew-some snails and maybe some glass shrimp. I don't use any fertilizer. I like attaching java fern to rocks and moss balls are fun-I like watching the shrimp on them. I know that they are not moss and are actually algae-but I have never had any problem with them and have not had any algae blooms-probably because I have low light and don't use fertilizer. I have various plants in there and I don't feed the fish-except for an occasional pinch or two of flake food(maybe once a month) and I net out mosquito larvae when I find them in standing water-the fish love them. I guess they mainly eat little bits off plants and whatever organisms might be in the environment. I use bio filter media in my filter and use shells and ground coral in the substrate to keep the water from getting too acidic. I treat my aquarium like a mini pond, I guess. I like to keep my pond and aquariums as low-tech and low-maintenance as possible. There are lots of plants that do well in low-light...have you looked at

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