Amorphophallus growing season

jardinerowaJanuary 13, 2014

Hey all!

I haven't posted on this for almost a year!
OK here's the deal. I grew amorph konjac and a few other aroids for the first time last year. I had purchased three tennis ball size amorphs and planted two in pots and one in the ground. One was too small of a pot, but the other one was fine. They all got sun from the morning to about 2pm.
The one in the small pot and in the ground only had their leaf fully unfurled for like a month and then the stalk fell over. I thought that was an awfully short growing season. I noticed they had gotten burnt on the edge of the leaves. I didn't know if it was because I was over-fertilizing or from the sun.
The leaf from the one in the bigger pot lasted longer, maybe two months unfurled. I was also gone part of the summer. When I came back I dug up the tuber from the amorph in the bigger pot. It had several offshoots and was now slightly bigger than a softball. The tuber was now bigger but certainly not the growth I was expecting. The tubers from the small pot and the ground were the exact same size as when I planted them!
I'm torn if I fertilized them too much (I can't imagine how), or if they had too much sun or if something else went wrong? The drainage was excellent in both pots, I know that.
Thanks all!


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good to have another amorph fan!! :)
i tried growing konjac in the soil 2 yrs ago..i wasnt happy..
im not in climate like you are..everything i hear from much more experienced growers of amorphs is..pot them..unless you are in the tropics..
i tend to give my amorphs more sun than i think they need..
my 3 largest titanums got alot of sun last yr.. 2 got sunburned on the petioles..
they did well though.. of the 3 largest..2 are still in full leaf.. other is just starting to go into dormancy..
im anxious as a kid on xmas morning to get into the pot and see how the corm is..:) lol
theres been good discussion here on "how much sun is
to much sun"
for me..i have found more success with good morning sun,and rest of the afternoon..somewhat filtered light..
on fertilizing..i always under fertilize my plants..and i gotta stop that !!!
amorphs are heavy feeders..but observation of your plants is one of the best leads to go by..i think..
good luck..and keep it up.. post pics when you can...

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