Snails moving over each other

suefromuk(6b)October 11, 2008

Are they being affectionate...making snail love perhaps?

There were three of them together today for a while..I used to worry that they might be fighting..but was told that does not happen.

Look forward to somebody's response.

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paparoseman(z8 WA. PO.)

Affectionate is a nice way of putting it. Depending on what type of snails you have they will either lay eggs or have live babies. Most of the time egg layers will lay the eggs in the corner of the tank above the waterline. If they are a livebearing type you will find baby snails in your tank at some point.


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I think they hermaphrodites?

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Some are some aren't - basic mating "pose" lol.... Best Sherry

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I think they hermaphrodites?


.. not that there's anything wrong with that ...

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