Food for Guppies

big_al_41November 23, 2009

As you may have guessed I'm fairly new to raising guppies, I have tried two different foods for my gups but none seem to be their fav. any suggestions. I have watch them eat and spit the flakes out


Big Al

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what food (brands) have you tried?
i find that they are not picky about commercially available brands of food. "aquarian" brand is a good one; they also enjoy something different occasionally so i also use "tetra" brand color-enhancing flakes. "wardley's" is probably the least preferred. guppies also enjoy picking at algae on the plants and gravel. they love frozen blood worms, too.
although i have never done this because my tank is heavily planted, my local pet store owner always puts a bit of aquarium salt in his guppy tanks.

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thanks Jeff, I have tried several some of which you said .. I guess mine are just

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