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mantorvillain(z4bMN Dodge)November 30, 2008

OK, the pond is asleep for the winter and I'm back to enjoying my aquarium and watching the snowflakes drift down. Now to my challenge...My local fish store has an indoor pond with a 'slough' of koi in it as you go in. Among all these big critters, I find myself charmed with a single light yellow-gold Koi which has trebled in size as I've visited over the past few months.

My lowest pond (2 tier) is only @800 gallons in which I already have 4-5 goldfish (comets)...reluctant to add Koi which might (1)get too big for this limited space (1) eat/dig in my water lilies. BUT I'd like to locate/find a goldfish of a similar 'light gold' coloration. If you have favorite fish suppliers you could recommend in my search I'd appreciate your input. If not allowed to make recommendations via postings, please do email me directly.



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Buy the koi.

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Comet goldfish are selectively bred for a deep orange gold color and the paler ones usually end up as feeders, so if you make it a point to check the feeder tanks, eventually you just may find your yellow.

BTW: You could keep a few Koi in 800 gallons, but as they approached maturity, might regret it.

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