A. Rivieri

reet59(z3 MB)January 5, 2009


I've planted a few bulbs of the rivieri, and the leaf has been growing beautifully (beneath a 600W metal hallide : 15 hour days). Suddenly, it has become completely yellow, and fading still it seems . . .. any ideas? Is this part of the plant's life cycle? Thanks!

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bluebonsai101(6a PA)

This is the normal dormancy setting in....stop watering completely and allow it to fall over and then cut the petiole off......you can then dig up the tuber and see how much size it put on....be careful not to lose the offsets as they are rhizomatous in nature so can easily break away from momma. Best of luck with it......the species epithet is konjac by the way.....you are using an old name :o) Dan

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reet59(z3 MB)

Amazing. That's sort of what I'd hoped. How much size does the tuber need to put on in order to start flowering. I see that something seems to have come up to the surface of the soil near the edge of the pot, and I wonder if it might be the start of some new progress? Hypothetically, if I don't dig anything up, and just leave it . . . what happens? (this realm of plant is quite new to me, clearly). Thanks!

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