Guppy Mother????

trillianh(GW 9 /Sunset 15 /Nor CA)November 2, 2009

Last night I came home around 6 to find that 1 (of 4) of my pregnant females had 2 babies. All the fish (moms & fry) are doing fine eating, swimming, very active. What concerns me is as of 8 this morning none of the moms have given birth to any more fry. Although they all still look very pregnant.

Tank: 14gal, plants, moms are seperated I made them a very large net enclosure as the "breeder tanks" at the pet store are way to tiny. The holes are plenty big enough for the fry to escape so I do not believe they are being eaten.

Any advice or if you have had this happen to you before I would love to here the outcome!

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I have mine roaming free in the tank and they have no problem breeding. I started with 6. now theres to many to count. Try letting them go free in the tank to birth on their own. If they are healthy and happy they'll do fine. If not...they're guppies you will have another batch of babies in no time.

I wonder if stress is a factor. They live in the tank where theres plants or rocks to hide under and other fish. They are community fish. I have had a few of my females die after looking very prego for awhile.
got a pic of the tank?

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