ro water for marine aquarium

momofboys3(z5 IL)November 21, 2009

1. I am starting a new marine aquarium. I made the water with tap water and coralife salt. Put in some live rock 3 weeks ago and now have a coating of brown which I think is a diatom bloom. I have read I need to change water over to RO water to get the diatoms to die off. Can I just buy some bottled water such as culligans or hinckley or do I have to schlep over to my fish store that is not too close by to get RO water from them?

2. My ammonia is zero, nitrites are zero and nitrates 5-10 so I think the tank has cycled. Can I add fish during this diatom bloom?

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

Would suggest you seek out some of the more marine centered websites.?? Not much info here as it's usually pretty dead lol.
When i ran marine I used collected seawater but when I did have to make it I always used RO water as a base.
I'd find a good reliable source for Ro water since you will always need more for water changes anyway.
From your readings sounds like it's cycling about norm.
. There is always some die off from live rock and "ALGAE is an eternal problem lol Good luck wirth your new tank.

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HEY! no need to move on to another channel, yes marine aquariums need to use RO water due to the dissolved nutrients in tap water, also heavy metals. you can use distilled water from local grocery stores. distilled water and RO water are acidic so you must ammend each gallon with RO right to bring to sea levels of cations. post more please, I love helping out with marine tanks, esp coral setups.

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