Anthurium cubense help- yellowing leaves

larena33January 21, 2014

I inherited this potted plant about a year ago and have already lost one leaf to yellowing. Another one appears to be in decline (it drooped first and is now discoloring). I have kept it in indirect light and watered moderately (once a month or so when the roots felt dry) since it's been in my possession. I've also noticed a few small holes in some of the leaves.There's been no new growth since I received the plant. I'd very much like to keep the plant alive - does anyone have advice for me?

I've attached a photo.


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These do okay in filtered sunlight, they don't need to be kept too dark. Also, they should be evenly moist. Drying out isn't good. They should be in a potting mix that drains well and has a bit of aeration. Indoors air is usually dry, especially if you have some sort of a heating system. They prefer humid air

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larena, in what zone are you? it would help to estimate your light levels, etc.
yours is a bird's nest anthurium. if you search for anthurium Pachyneurium you should be able to get more info - although there isn't that much. has a good writeup on them. also Missouri bot garden.
there is more info on A. schlechtendalii which is similar to it.
they are found in central america and caribbean. cubense - is from.. cuba.
they are epiphytes - grow in trees, they need very free draining loose soil. i have just recently seen a large collection of them in miami FL in one of the nurseries and also there are many in fairchild gardens in miami - yes, they are very high in the trees, in the live oaks. lots are in the ground - in rainforest section.
they def need warmth and bright light.
you might also try to look up A.hookeri - that is the one commonly found in the ground in south fl.
since these are so large not many people keep them indoors.
i think they need very hi humidity too.

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That specimen seems to be "searching" for light. My A. Schlechtendalii is growing outdoors nearly in half sun in the sub tropics. It has dappled shade in the middle of the day. More light for that plant IMHO

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