Fish for new tank - adding fish - Beta and other fish

orchidfun(6 MA)November 6, 2008


I a have new 20 gallon tank and a few questions.

I would like a male Beta (especially to rescue out of its sad little bowl in the store) but am reading so many conflicting view points on Betas with other fish.

I am considering 1 male Beta, 6 neon tetras, 3 cory catfish, 3 mollies. I wanted fan tail guppies, but have learned guppies are not a good choice with a Beta

  1. Does this sound like a good group that should get along?

  2. I am thinking of adding catfish first - can I do 3 to start? Followed by mollies, after a wait add tetras, and finally the Beta. Is this is best order?

Your feedback and insights are greatly appreciated.

Thank you!


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PKponder TX(7b)

I have had bad luck with mollies being fin nippers. Neon tetras and cories will survive better in a seasoned tank. The betta and guppies would be the easiest for a new tank. I wonder why bettas and guppies would be bad together? Maybe the betta would see the fantails as one of their own and try to fight with the guppies.

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In my opinion, they should all be able to get along just fine in a 20 gallon tank, especially if you provide plants and shale or PVC or whatever they can use for refuge and territoriality.

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