Double spathe

glieseJanuary 18, 2010

Hi. Today I found a small peace lily with two flowers, each with two spathes, and they looked pretty identical, not like random development disorders. I'm just wondering, is this a rarity? I don't have much room for new plants at the time, but if it is something hard to find I'll go back and pick it up since it was only $2.

Thanks for any info.

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It really isn't uncommon. The condition occurs either as a result of too much chemical used when he tissue culture batch was made or too much GA3 given the specimens when they were "pushed" to produce inflorescences.

You can read about it on this page on aroid pollination. Just look for the heading about the forced inducement of an inflorescence.

Here is a link that might be useful: Aroid pollination

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Thanks! I thought I'd stumbled across something exceptional. I'll still pick it up if I see it again, just to observe the G3 effects for the heck of it, and because it's cheap, but at least now I won't be rushing out to grab it.

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