Unknown Amorphophallus species - need help

MonsteraMan(5)January 12, 2013

I recently acquired a small amophophallus tuber like the one pictured from Thailand. I have no clue of any info on it other than just seeing the picture. If anyone recognizes it and knows anything about it, I'd appreciate the help! I blurred out the name of the business that was across the picture to protect their identity. Please let me know! Thanks all!

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It's an Amorphophallus paeoniifolius, but it's been "doctored". Some one has cut out the top of the spathe leaving the flowering part at the bottom. This is a photo of mine in flower.

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Thanks for your help! That's the only amorph that looked close to it. Makes sense. That is a species that I don't have but wanted also, so it works out!

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A 'slip of the tongue', I meant to say the SPADIX was cut off, not the spathe. Didn't notice that until I re-read it just now. They're very common here, they're a native. I had some fill brought in and a big plant of A. paeoniifolius came up out of it last year. I already had about 100 plants anyway.

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grabmebymyhandle(6 Kentucky)

I been lookin at those on ebay wondering what that could be...it makes sense now...

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