A pic of my new baby boy...

kevabear(9)November 7, 2012

Still doing a bit of hiding in his new digs, but getting a bit bolder. I can see how one could get quite addicted.. Now to come up with a name.

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OMG! What a beauty he is! Just make sure he's in at least a 2-1/2 gallon, heated aquarium. And add a pinch of aquarium salt to his water with your weekly changes.

Regarding names, how about: Flame, Turbo, or Electra?


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Thanks for letting me know about the pinch of aquarium salt. I will do that. He is in a five gallon, nice and cozy warm. Those are great names. Maybe dissappointed with what I named him. As a kid growing up we always had a cat. If the cat was a boy, more often than not he was named Charlie. So I named my boy Charlie.

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Charlie is also a cool name - whatever name you feel is appropriate.

Make sure you feed him a variety of foods - pellets, flakes, frozen bloodworms and a cooked pea once a week. Also pick a day of "fasting" so he can clean out his digestive tract weekly.


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Thank you for that information. He has pellets, flakes, and bloodworms. He gets the worms in the morning, flakes in the evening, and occasionally I'll put a pellet in there, he doesn't seem to care for those as much. I got a can of peas. I mushed one up and put bits of it in there but he would have nothing to do with it. Good to know about fasting him for a day, I will do that, today! Maybe I'll put the pea in there the day after he hasn't eaten, that way he'll be a bit hungry and maybe eat it.

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Invest in a bag of frozen peas. You can cook one for 7 to 10 minutes, let cool and feed about 1/8 of it to your boy. I read that canned peas are not good to feed to bettas.

I have a boy and a girl that love everything I feed them. Guess I'm lucky in that aspect.

How often are your changing your water?

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I will get a bag of frozen peas today and see how he likes them. I change his water every couple weeks. I took the filter out, he seemed to really not like it. I talked with someone at a petstore that has multiple betta's and she said she didn't have a filter in any of her betta tanks. So I took his out, and I do a thorough cleaning when I change his water. I have quite a few live plants floating on the top of his tank and he seems to really like that. He's got his bubble nest in a corner. I try to scoop it out when I change his water and then pour it back in when I am done.

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