Goldfish question

black-thumbNovember 14, 2009

Hi all

I just got a male betta and am hooked onfish. I like simple fish though and have decided I want a larger tank with God ish. I know they are dirty so I'm prepared for the tank cleaning it will require. My mom had the common goldfish when I was younger.

Anyway I was thinking about getting pom-poms, blackmoore, ryukin, tosakins, fantail, veil taile and shubukin and wondered if it was ok to put them all in the same tank. As far as I know they are all passive types but just want to make sure. I'm still trying to decide on how big I want to go with the tank, I want them to have room to swim and not be cramped.

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I have to start by saying Welcome to the world of hooked on fish.
I will have to say that goldfish are not dirty fish as which many have thought. It is when in general people put too many fish in a small tank and over feed. When I mean over feed the amount of food given at each feeding. Some of my tanks I feed 2-3 times aday and I also keep up on my water changes.
Some like shubunkins,ryukins and fantails that you have mentioned do not always do well with pom poms.Shubunkins can get very large.
Deside first what size tank you want (the bigger the tank the easier it will be for you to enjoy your fish) second choose three types that you like most.

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I was wondering about goldfish and betta fish in the same tank. goldfish release something called pnemonia and it can be harmful to some fish. is pnemonia harmful to betta's?

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Kim: Not "pnemonia" but ammonia, and its the same stuff you use to clean floors with. All fish excrete it and all fish are harmed by it.

The good news is bacteria will grow to eat the ammonia and give off nitrites. Nitrates are also bad for fish but other bacteria will grow to eat this and give off nitrates. Nitrates are bothersome to fish in large doses but it is also plant food. If you don't have any plants you can still control nitrates by changing some water regularly.

This is called the nitrogen cycle. It takes a brand new fish tank a few weeks to a few months to grow a healthy colony of bacteria. That's why you should only add fish to a new tank slowly, to give the bacteria a chance to catch up.

black-thumb: I count 8 fish there if you only get 1 of each. Not sure of the ones you want, but I have some comet goldfish and they are 6 inches or more long now and not quite 2 years old. I keep the 4 smaller ones in a 55 gallon tank (and the larger ones out back in my pond). I'm sure you hope to have your fish for a long time and watch them grow, so pick them by their ADULT size, not the size when you buy them.

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Thanks so much for all the information. I think I will go with Fantails, Black moores, and shubukins. I have a 10 gallon tank. I was thinking one of each. The betta has his own 1.77 gallon tank.

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Well I bought my new babies. I went to the pet shop where I got my beta from to see what Goldfish they had and chose not to get any from them. I saw some dead fish floating in a few of there tanks. So I went to Petland and took a gander at their fish. I watched them for a good ten minutes before I decided to buy. I checked the fins to see if they were tattered or had little spots on them. I checked the body for spots or anything that didn't look normal. Lastly I watched them swim. I chose four of the more lively active ones that seemed healthy and alert.

First picture is of the betta I had who passed over the holiday. I thought he was blue when I bought him (turns out he was just in blue water)and on the way out of the store there was a box with the name Whiskey on it so hence his name.


These are my new fellas or gals whichever they are I can't tell. I know I got a blackmoore but the other three I'm not sure about. I'm judging them by photos I've found online with names attached. For all I know these fish could be called either or so if someone could let me know that would be great. Thanks

Tiger is either a shubukin or a veil tailed.
Mistltoe is either a hammer head or a oranda red
Cognac Gold is either a fantail or a ryukin
Rum Rasin is a blackmoore


This was the new home for Whiskey (10 gal.) but he was freaking out in there, I think it might have been too much space. Alas he never did make it to his second new home a 1.77 gallon tank. So this is where the new guys live for now. I am already saving my shilings for a big 75 gallon deal for them and maybe some new sisters and brothers too. If I don't get another betta I might just use the 1.77 gal. as a hospital just in case any of them get sick and need to be seperated while being medicated.

Just for the record I don't partake of the hooch at all! LOL Oh how can I tell if they are girls or boys? Thanks


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I have a question. When I checked the fish this morning I noticed Rum Raisin (the blackmoore)was in the corner at the bottom of the tank in the back. He has some white stuff on his back fin near the body. Its not spots like with ich. I seperated him from the other fish, they all seem fine swimming around like crazy as usual, nothing wrong with thier fins. He eats ok but sticks to the sides of the fish tank. Is it a fungus maybe?

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So I noticed his eye was swollen and went to the shop to get something for popeye and some stuff for fungal infections. I was gone maybe an hour and when I came back a good part of his fin was eaten away!

I called the pet shop and told him the fish was sick and they told me to bring him in and they would exchange him. I added the meds to the tank but will still be returning him tomorrow. Whatever he has I don't want it spreading the the other fish. Poor Rum Rasin I really liked him. I think I will stay away from the large eyed fish. The other fish seem fine so far.

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Hi everyone

So my three remaining goldfish are doing fine. I want to move them to a larger tank and add a few more fish. I planning on a 125 gallon tank but I have some questions first.

1. Would moving the three goldfish from the 10 gallon to a 125 gallon put them in shock? Should I add a piece of plexiglass to it and slowly move it further and further over to let them get adjusted to the larger size?

2. What other fish can I put in with these three goldfish? I was thinking some smaller fish that won't really grow too much, small to medium size.

3. Would angelfish work? Are they hard to care for?

4. How many filters should I use for the 125 gallon? I was thinking two with a bottom air bubble machine and the one I have on the 10 gallon tank now that is on the top. It blows bubbles but I think its a filter too since it collects gunk. The fish seem to like to swim in/against the bubbles current. Is this normal?

5. I have noticed that when I put in a filter that has carbon in it the water stays very cloudy. When I put in plain filters with nothing in them the water stays crystal clear. The fish seem fine without the carbon so that is what I have been doing. Anyone know why this happens?


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Did your goldfish grow?
1)When setting up the new tank try to use the water from the 10 gallon to help age the 125. First fill the 125 but leave some room for the 10 gallon water.Make sure PH is the same then add 10 gallon water.No need for Plexiglas.

2)Sorry I only keep goldfish with goldfish.

3)Answered this in above.

4)Canister filters worked great on large tanks.They have out some canister filters large enough that you would only need one but they can be costly.

5)When you mean you use carbon and the tank seams cloudy Do you mean black cloudy or white cloudy? Carbon's main usage is to clean water. Cloudiness and Oder

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Dude, no offense but maybe you should be doing some research before you dive into this too much. Find a good reference book for cold water fish keeping and another on tropicals.

Angels are tropical, goldfish are not. so not to be kept together.

My suggestion to you would be this: Stick with the 10gal and get that running well so you can handle a 125 gal tank.

also, did you wash the carbon filter before putting it into the filter. There is usually carbon dust which will cloud that tank until of course the filter filters it out.

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The water was white cloudy and I did follow the directions to rinse it out in coldwater before you put it in the tank. I left it under until the water ran clear but it still got cloudy so now I just don't use the carbon. I have had the three remaining fish for a month and they seem to be doing just fine. I don't want to wait too long before I put them in a larger tank as I want them to have the space they need and to grow properly. It doesn't look like they have grown much over the past month.

What would say the max is on goldfish in a 125 gallon tank? I would like to get two more and maybe a few other types of smaller fish.


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