bloom every year?

jardinerowaFebruary 10, 2013

I realize that Amorphophallus bulbs need to be big enough flower, but once they are flowering size, do they bloom every year? Thanks!

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They're not actually "bulbs", they're tubers (or corms). You need to understand the life cycle of amorphs. The tuber withers/dies each season and is replaced by a new one. The leaf produces the nutrients for the new tuber. The bigger the leaf, the bigger the tuber it produces. And the bigger the tuber, the bigger the leaf it produces in the next season. So you progressively get a bigger tuber and a bigger leaf. Once it reaches flowering size the reserves stored in the tuber go into the flower. There's usually enough left in the tuber to start a new leaf after the flower withers. Then it depends on how well that cycle of tuber and leaf feeding each other goes. Often the new tuber doesn't reach flowering size before the end of the season. You need to feed them well to have them flowering in consecutive years.

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so well explained tropic !!
i would just add..the frequency of flowering depends
on the amorph..
konjac for example once reaching flowering maturity
flowers every yr..
on other side,titanum as i understand..will flower only
maybe every 3-5 yrs..
im a newbie to amorphs..but certainly learning alot from
the likes of posters here..much thanks !!!
? jardin..??what amorph are u growing?
good luck to ya !!!

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Thanks folks for the responses!

I actually haven't gotten my aroids yet. I ordered konjacs to start with and I'm excited to grow them.
I have plenty of aroids like philodendron and callas but I want to do amorphs. I will do all I can per the suggestions and what I read to give them a healthy and nutrient rich growing season so that i can hopefully assure a bloom the following year.

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