going to Newport aquarium - photo hints???

daylilyfan(5/6_OH)November 17, 2005

This weekend, I am going on a "road trip" and will be visiting the Newport Aquarium near Cincinnati Ohio... They have tubes you walk through the shark tanks - should be exciting! I have never been there. I have been to the big aquarium in Chattanooga TN, but it was about 10 years ago.

I have an older digital camera that I'm pretty familiar with. I just got a new, 7 megapix Nikon this summer, but I am not very familiar with it, and have not had very good luck inside with it -but the outside pictures are wonderful! So, I am torn to which camera to take.

I do not have an aquarium yet. I am still doing the research. One reason I am going to the Newport is to photograph the tanks for ideas in setups etc. So - I have no tank to practice photography on at home.

Can anyone give me any hints on photographing the tanks at the aquarium ??? I love photography and do it as a hobby, but I am no where close to a pro - but better than your average point and shoot person... but I have never tried to photograph a fish tank. I assume you cannot use flash? Film speed setting? Any hints at all?

I won't be able to go back for a 2nd chance - so any advice will be greatly appreciated!!!

Thanks so much!

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I haven't been to a "proper" community aquarium in years and am not familiar with the one mentioned, but unfortunately the Belle Isle Aquarium was set for closure by Detroits most recent budget cuts after being open for many decades, and thats' so sad. I visited that one several times when I lived in Detroit and much enjoyed it, though it had nothing in those days to compare with walking through a viewing tube to watch fish swim around you!! I'd love that, though all those sharks might make me a bit jittery! I guess I've watched too many shark horror movies , where the big moster sharks crash into the viewing tube and attack the public. I hope I haven't made you a bit jittery with the thought!! I've also been to the one at Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, and loved seeing the dolpins etc. They have a great one there , but nothing to compare with those new modern ones!!

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Gee, thanks Birdinthepalm! ;-/

Now I am really looking forward to going!

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You need to deflect the flash if you can. Otherwise all that will happen is the light will bounce off the glass. Try different angles and preview the photos until you get it right.

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You will have to take your pics on an angle to the glass so that when the flash bounces off the glass it won't bounce back and into the lens. Remember fish have a knack for swimming outta da pic.......:-)

Have fun...hope you post some pics of your excursion.


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I should say daylilyfanm that you can't take those horror movies too seriously, and they should be taken with a grain of "saltwater", pun intended!!

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