Are Betta's better in their own tank?

kevabear(9)November 3, 2012

I have a 30 gallon tank with about a dozen different tropicals. I had a betta in there, who died yesterday. I am missing him and wanting to get another. I am wondering if they are better in their own tank. In the past I have fed my fish every other day. I have read recently that betta's like to eat more often. He seemed to be happy in his big tank with all his buddies, but maybe not. Maybe he would have been happier in his own tank, maybe next to the big tank so he could see into the other tank, but have his own space. Also, I have read that it seems the males are more aggressive. Can one have two females in one tank?

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How old was yours when he died? Mine usually live about 4 years.

I keep bettas separate because of the fish I have in my other tanks. They will do fine in a tank with other fish, though, as long as there is nothing that will pick at their fins or kill them.

They aren't aggressive towards other fish, but like any fish, will chase anything it can eat. They need something to hide behind or in, too, like some floating plants, or decorations. I keep mine in a gallon tank, except when it gets cold in the winter, then they go into small containers and float in a heated tank. Males are more aggressive, but usually just with other bettas, especially males. You can keep two females in one tank, but sometimes they are aggressive, too, so keep an eye on them. They're usually fine, an aggressive female is the exception.

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He was only a few months old. Fine one day, the next day not so much, the next evening gone. I decided I think I will get a seperate tank for my next one. I looked at a very nice one today that is five gallons. Looking at the bettas I definitly want to get a male, the seem much prettier, unlike in the human species.... I see there are so many varieties, elephant ears, double, can't think of the others... I'll need to get a little heater too. Any words of wisdom would be oh so greatly appreciated.
Thanks for your response.

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Try a 2-1/2 gallon tank with a small heater.

As for getting a male, that is certainly your preference but I find that girl bettas have lots of personality, spunk and are very active. Plus, you might enjoy a sorority tank of female bettas but you'll need a 10-gallon tank minimum. Once the pecking order has been established, you'll have a beautiful tank of lovely girl bettas.

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Thank you for your input. Before I read it I had gone out and got a five gallon. It's a nice set up. I have a little heater in there and got a male halfmoon tail betta boy. Actually just set it up a few hours ago, had gotten the tank a few days ago and went and got my boy this morning. He seems pretty shy, but I think he is getting used to his new home.

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Do you have a filter for your new 5-gallon tank? I'm not sure if you're supposed to cycle your 5 gallon tank or not; I know you have to with larger aquariums.

I see him in the background. What a cutie. I think bettas like the solitary life.


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Oops, just reposted this pic on another post..ah well. The tank actually came with a filter built in. I tried adding a couple ghost shrimp yesterday. I might not have waited long enough for the water to neutalize, but they died pretty quickly after I put them in. For a long time I couldn't see them and thought he had eaten them straight away. He just seems lonely. When I'm not in here he hangs at the back top of the tank in one spot.

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Ok, Correction...Just noticed a movement in my betta tank, apparently they don't call them ghost fish for nothing. At least one of them is alive!

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So now a new dilemma. If I can't see those little ghost shrimp, when I do my weekly change, how will I avoid not suckin' them up? I suppose if I had different color stones down there I could see them better. Guess I'll just hope for the best, and refrain from getting ghosts in the future.

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