Spathiphyllum - stake needed or underplanted??

hazelhoozemaflappitFebruary 15, 2012

Hi folks,

I read a lot of posts on this site before repotting our offices Peace Lily yesterday. I used a coarser soil mix including orchid mix and only went up 2 inches in pot size from a 10 inch pot to a 12 inch pot.

Here is a pic of the plant:

Did I repot it poorly?

Can we stake that thick root at the bottom so the stalks of the plant stand up? The leaves are pointing outward trying to trip people in the office as they walk by.

Thanks for any responses or help!

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For some reason I couldn't bring up the picture. Spaths are somewhat fast growing plants in proper conditions so it will probably need to be repotted again within a year. If the leaves were growing upwards before you repotted it it could be the soil is too dry. These plants like an evenly moist soil so make sure it was well watered after you repotted it. I don't understand what you mean about the root since I cant see the picture but there should be no roots above the soil. Best way to repot a plant is to loosen the root ball and remove as much of the old potting soil as possible. Place some new soil in the pot then lower the plant into the pot. The top of the root ball should be about an inch or so below the pot rim. Surround the root ball with new soil until you just cover the top of the rootball again making sure there is about an inch or so of space from the rim. This is so that when you water it does not run out of the pot onto the floor and can be sure that space fills with water to be sure the entire rootball is evenly watered. Also make sure after repotting water comes out of the bottom of the pot to be sure all the soil has been moistened. Hope this helps.


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