Mrs. B.R. Cant versus Bon Silene

ingrid_vc so. CA zone 9July 19, 2011

I already have one Mrs. B.R. Cant and love it although it's still quite young. A spot has opened up for another tea rose and I've ordered Bon Silene, to be delivered in September, but am having qualms since I've never seen this rose and don't know how its rather thin-looking blooms will hold up in my hot garden. I really don't want to make any more mistakes, having discarded so many roses already, and wonder if I should go with the tried-and-true instead of taking another chance. I'd love to know your thoughts about this.


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roselee z8b S.W. Texas

Well, sorry to say my Bon Silene was just a big old thorny bush with unremarkable flowers. It can't be compared with the gorgeousness of Mrs. B. R. Cant which I love.

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I love, love, love the blooms and scent of Mrs. BRC. If Bon Silene has a scent I haven't noticed it. If I had to choose between the two, my choice would be Mrs. BRC. Having said that, since I had room for both, I'm glad I have Bon Silene. It's a lovely, healthy rose. The color is not that deep, deep raspberry of Mrs. BRC, and she's not as petal-packed. She doesn't nod, if that matters to you, and my Mrs. BRC does. She gained size and breadth much quicker than my own-root Mrs. BRC but not as quickly as Mrs. BRC on Fortuniana. She is still worth her spot in the garden.

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"Bon Silene" was one of the earliest Tea roses to be bred during the 1830s but to my eyes "Bon Silene" is, perhaps, a bit plain. I'd still grow it if I had acreage, for I adore all Tea roses but I would greatly prefer "Mrs. B.R. Cant" in my garden .

"Mrs. B.R. Cant" has very large blooms for a Tea rose
In my opinion Mrs. B.R. Cant is one of the 5 best pink Tea roses, for good health (in my area) and beauty and fragrance. In the 1960's a man found a climbing sport of "Mrs. B.R. Cant" and I would truly madly deeply love to have one. In our area "Mrs. B.R. Cant is much more resistant to p.m. than "Mme. Lombard" and Georgetown tea.


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I have both and if Bon Silene disappeared it would not hurt. If MBRC disappeared I would cry and get another quickly.

Bon Silene was "sold" to me when the grower did not have another rose she said she did have and I'd made a long trip there. For me BS has been very slow growing and unrewarding, one bloom in a year. Just not my cuppa tea but who knows you may like her.


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I like 'Bon Sil�ne'. It grows very large for me and is disease free in my garden where many roses mildew. It has long elegant buds that open into a loose flower that's scented of Tea. My plant was huge, but has been reduced to about a quarter of its former size in the last two years by canker: I was happy to see that it recently started a new cane, an initial investment, I hope, in renewed future glory. I don't know how it would take your hot dry climate.

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ingrid_vc so. CA zone 9

Thank you, you've helped me to make up my mind, and I've chosen Mrs. B.R. Cant. I have four Le Vesuve and, two Belinda's Dream, two Mrs. Dudley Cross and six Mr. Bluebird, so having more than one specimen of a rose I love is no problem for me. If a rose is lauded as being wonderful I'm eager to give it a try, but Bon Silene is not exactly in that category. I've learned that in my climate many roses don't do well, and I've learned to deeply appreciate and use the ones that do.


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