flowers year round?

jardinerowaFebruary 17, 2013


I am on the border of Tijuana/San Diego in zone 10 and as as in never freezes we actually have Zantedeschia Aethiopicas that grow and bloom throughout the whole year which I love!
I am wondering if there are any arisaemas or similar that bloom throughout the year or is it strictly spring? Thanks!

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It's just Spring, as there is a determined number of leaves for that season. Plus, they need a dormant period. I am not aware of any Arisaemas that do well in Zone 10, as they like a cooler climate.
I would go with Anthurium scherzarianum or, for the more unusual, Typhonium trilobata. The latter, though spring blooming and requiring a dormant period, has showy red spathes amongst attractive foliage.
There is also Spathiphyllum floribundum, a dwarf variety that makes an attractive border and blooms year round.
And, finally, Caladiums for color and variety.

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Thanks for the tips. I will look getting maybe Typhonium trilobata for this area.
Spathiphyllums are inside plants here although they grow great in the summer outside as that's the only the time the night temps don't generally go below 60s.
We are a lot cooler here than say Floriday so I still may try arisaemas, if they don't do well, then at least I'll know. Thanks!


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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

I use spathiphllums as yard plants though grown in pots due to poor soil or water cultured in a marsh garden
They regularly experience temps as low as 40 they will drop at frost though. they will not flower year around
All of "floriday" regularly has temps below 50 but of short duration Even the Keys drop below 50 though the all time record low is 41,I'm at the north end of 10 where it has dropped to 26 though the record for lowest high was 52. I find most tropical can and do survive this though at temps below frost they will die to the ground.
I think much depends on the duration?? Anyway good luck with your choices!!! gary

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We're in 9b / 10a (sarasota - west coast of florida, 1 hour south of tampa). We've had 2 things bloom non-stop since October when we planted them (its now May), these are: Scaevola Aemula 'Purple Fan' - approx 3-6" tall x 3' spread, ground cover in light sun/ part shade - creates a sea of purple -- its really lovely And Dipladenia Pink - shrub like about 3'x3', planted in dappled sun near pool cage - dark green glossy leaves w/ big pink to red flowers (the flowers range in shade from light pink to a deep rose on same plant). Don't know how they'll fair in the summer but they've been unbelievable so far.

Blue Daze has also bloomed pretty reliably but flowers are difficult to see from more than 15' away. The Lantana Montevidos has looked scraggly on and off and is disappointing.

We also planted Euphorbia a couple months ago and it has not missed a stride in respect to blooming.

Overall we have 50 different types of plants and the 2 I first mentioned have really knocked our socks off.

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I just looked up Scaevola and Dipladenia. They both look great and the Dipladenia (type of Mandevilla) looks awesome! I've always Mandevilla-type plants at the nurseries but never bought one. I have so many plants now to keep up with but it's on my list for next nursery purchases.
Thanks again!

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