What's wrong with my Betta Fish?!

les_fleurs(6)November 18, 2008

My fish has been doing this a lot lately and it has me worried sick.

PLEASE if anyone knows or has an idea about what my little guy has let me know.

Could it be Swim Bladder Disorder??

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Bettas like to rest at the bottom or wedge themselves in favorite spots. As long as he doesn't seem to be itching himself or showing white spots, he is probably fine.

I would be cautious about the lucky bamboo showing that brownish algae look. Also, it is my understanding you want to make sure to keep the leaves out of the water.

If he does seem to be acting peculiar, there can be common issues. I apologize if you already know these things... but it may help.
Frequent water changes are important to avoid ammonia build up that is lethal. Temperature is also important, that they do not get too cold. If you use tap water, stabilizers/treatments for chlorine and toxics are needed.

Good luck!

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