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ziibiDecember 17, 2007

I have one adult female Dalmation Molly, two young (I dont know the middle age term), and about 9 fry in a 20 gal. long tank, however, when I go back to school, I have a 10 gal. tank that I keep them in. I have no interest in an army of Dalmation mollies (I believe my female is pregnant AGAIN), does any one have any suggestions? I keep hearing something about taking the fry to a LPS for store credit but I dont think PetSmart does that.

Also, I honestly wanted to add something to my tank, but whatever is added would have to be able to fit my 10 gal. am I restricted to just my 1-3 mollies?

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Yes, you are pretty much limited to three mollies tops in a 10 gallon. I wouldn't add anything else if you want to keep the water quality good.

Petsmart usually does not take in baby fish, but if you have a local mom and pop type store near you, they will usually give you store credit for them. You can give them away to friends, neighbors, whoever will take them. :-) Just make sure you find somewhere to put those extra babies so you don't seriously overcrowd your tank--livebearers are notorious for breeding constantly, and you don't have a whole lot of wiggle room when you're dealing with a 10 gallon.

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

Nobody you know has bigger fish?? I keep swordtails with my angels Instant live gary

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nope, I'm the only one with a fish... my bro USED to have two oscars like a decade ago but lost them in an ice storm that killed our power.I found out my LFS will take the fish once they're like an inch long, one of the 9 is growing decently, but the others are taking their sweet time. anyone know how long it'll take mollies to grow? my 2 young ones got big pretty fast, these guys aren't doing as well... more competition I suppose.

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