Price check please!!!

argus(9B / 10A)February 27, 2006


I talked to a guy on e-bay who has an 11# tuber that I assume is a konjak. He wants $100 + $29 s/h. I'm anxious to get a flowering size plant, but I'm not sure on the price, as this is the most common of Amorphos.



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bluebonsai101(6a PA)

Argus, in my opinion that is complete silliness!!! A 3 pound to 5 pound konjac is easily blooming size and $100 for a konjac is simply ludicrous unless you simply have tons of extra money you want to spend!!! Buy a 3 pound one for $15-25 (MAX) and watch it bloom this spring (mine are all blooming now) and then have the pleasure of growing it to 5-10 pounds this coming tons of money, get a bloom and have fun growing it least that is my of luck with your decision :o) Dan

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kwoods(Cold z7 Long Is)

I'm w/ Dan. For $100 bucks it better do a little dance or something in addition to blooming.

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argus(9B / 10A)

Thanks a lot!

I guess I'm just way too anxious to get a blooming size plant. I'll just be patient with the little guys I've got. Last year, I didn't know to cut off offset growth to have a large tuber, so instead of anything getting bigger, I just dug up two or three plants the size of my original one. This year I'm concentrating for maximum growth, so hopefully next year I'll have some flowering size plants.


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kwoods(Cold z7 Long Is)

Fertilize, fertilize, fertilize.

And, keep hitting HD, I found one w/ a huge petiole there late in the season last year for $20. Turned out it was a huge tuber and will blossom this year. Wouldn't have bought it but it was around six feet tall. Already had a few but couldn't help "freeing" the poor sucker.

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My advice is stick with the ones you have... OR... by a cheap 4 incher .. something that is one or two seasons away from blooming . and Let them grow like mad until they are blooming size. Not only will it cost you much less.. But it will also feel much better to have a giant amazing flower that you grew yourself.


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