White cloudy tank

kevabear(9)December 16, 2012

About a week ago I did a water change on my established fresh water 30 gallon tank. I cleaned both filters. The next day, or possibly later the same day, the water was a cloudy white. I have read that it will clear up after a day or so and that it is bacterial bloom. It's about a week later and it is still cloudy white. I have tried a couple doses of water clarifier, but that hasn't helped. Any suggestions would be oh so greatly appreciated.

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Just passing by.
I have not done this in about ten years and I had salt water back then.

But I am willing to guess you might have done too much of a water change and you might have caused the ammonia level to spike up.

You did not say how much you changed. I would not add anything as this should go away in time.

A fish tank is like a garden, you have to give it time to bloom.

Good luck,

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Thanks for your reply. I had done a pretty big water change, and I also cleaned both filters. The cloudiness has finally gone away and the tank looks great. Next time though I will not do such a big water change, and I will alternate the cleaning of the filters.

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