Care of Philodendron 'moonlight'

tjsangel(z5 OH)February 17, 2006


I just bought a big full lush Philodendron moonlight (with flower spaths!) at the greenhouse today. I really like this one & want to grow it well. Any special care tips I should know about? I know Philos like part sun-mine will be getting morning sun-and semi moist soil. Thanks so much for any thoughts!


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Hey TJ---your moonlight is beautiful. I've had one for years and mine has never flowered, so I really didn't know they did such a thing! This philo is easy: bright light, can take *some* direct sun, and water when the top 1 inch dries out. Dry air does not seem to be a problem. You've picked a gorgeous, easy to care for plant, so do enjoy. :)

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tjsangel(z5 OH)

Thanks shiver! I'm kind of acclimating mine to the sun. It was caked w/dust, so I cleaned it up nicely then got a few burn spots on the leaves-this was in morning sun. It was also getting high humidity there, but this hasnt been a problem. I'm getting the hang of the watering now. I just love this plant, its gorgeous.


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tjsangel, when you say your Moonlight is "big, full lush," what size is it? One website says no bigger than 24 inches, another says 12 feet tall. I just bot a small 6 inch pot and don't know what to expect. Love it!

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I have one, it gets medium indirect light and looks good. Not bright light per se. I don't really care if it flowers, I got it for the leaves. Takes lower light areas fine it seems.

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