Black Mollie- is he ill?

shirley_001December 9, 2007

ive had two female Black Mollies and 1 Male black Mollie for approx 3 weeks. over the past week the male has started to act strangely. he will sit at the bottom of the tank in the corner and then only move when there is food. to stop bullying i have put him in a reasonably large breeding net in the top of the tank but he still sits at the bottom of it.

do you know what is wrong with it? any help would be good.

also- one of the females had two babies tonight. i was just wondering how many babies a mollie will have at a time.

Thanks- shirl_001

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Hard to say what is wrong, but lower temps often lead to fish hanging at the bottom, fin clamped, and susceptible to ich. At least he's eating. I would rais the temp to about 80 F and provide hiding places (plants, shale, etc..)

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IF i do raise the temperature will it affect the other fish i have in there such as a pleco, humbugs, guppies, tetras and clown loaches?

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I'm not familiar with a humbug (it must have another name), but all the rest are tropicals and 80 isn't too warm for them. I would also make sure there is adequate aeration / filtration, as that also increases their metabolism.

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they arent humbug fish- but we call them humbug catfish- their real name is Striped Raphael (Talking) Catfish ...
there is a constant air pump running and it only seems to be the 1 fish thats affected.

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