Schismatoglottis or Homalomena? 3 IDs please

gailqld(Gympie, SE Qld)February 3, 2011

Hi all. I did ask this on the tropicals forum but was referred over to here - didn't know there was an Aroid forum. I grow quite a few tropicals, especially aroids, but don't know a lot about them - I'm only a novice yet. I've been trying for a while to find out definite IDs for these 3 plants and would really appreciate any help.

The first one I'm fairly sure is Homalomena rubra 'Emerald Gem' though would like it confirmed - can put on more pics if needed. It only stands about 30cm above the pot.

The second one is a Schismatoglottis I think? If so does anyone know which one?

The third one I don't know. Could be either Schismatoglottis or Homalomena or something else?

Thanks :)

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Hi there, im not going to be any help with these plants, they are not my area of expertise, ha. Head over to the International Aroid Society Facebook page if you dont get a response here. You can also join the Aroid-l, its free. Bye now.

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aroideana(Tropical Australia)

last is an AglAONEMA

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gailqld(Gympie, SE Qld)

Thanks radarcontactlost. Unfortunately I'm not into facebook and avoid it as much as possible.

Thanks aroideana but that last one definitely isn't an aglaonema. I've grown different aglaonemas for years (used to work in a nursery that grew aglaonemas) and have about 8 or so different ones myself, and this plant is very different. The texture of the leaves is different and not as sappy or brittle... if they are the words I'm after. Also the stem seems to stay under the ground mostly, more like a rhizome, though sometimes just above ground and the leaves often emerge from below ground. It seems to spread by creeping along or just under the ground and doesn't seem to get much taller than the above pictures.

I will just have to keep looking myself and hopefully I will find out one day.

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gailqld(Gympie, SE Qld)

I apologise aroideana. Coincidentally, I just received an email from an old friend that I used to work at the nursery with and I had asked if they knew it. He said it could be a creeping aglaonema called A. costatum so I will look it up and do some research. It does surprise me though as the whole plant has a totally different feel/structure than the other aglaonemas... nearly hard and leathery. Over all the years I've worked with aglaonemas I've never heard of a creeping form... learn something new everyday.

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There are two species of creeping aglaonema, at least down here we have two different plants, the one you have has a narrower and more lanceolate leaf which stands vertically from the stem. It is different that A. costatum. The A costatum has very dark green leaves with white markings that are rounder in form and lie horizontally from the stem making a very dense, tight growth habit.

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