where can i source amorphophallus titanum

mrguppy3(8)February 28, 2013

Hi every one.
can any one help me with information as to where i can get
Titanum i have been looking for a while now
I have a few others ie kojac venoustrum bulbifer etc that seem to propagate them selves verywell.

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Ebay sometimes has them offered. This is a German site (has an English version) that deals in Amorphophallus species. They might be able to help.

And a US site that deals in them.

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ive seen same auctions on ebay from both above listed
sellers..guy in germany..sells out of scotland..maybe thats where his greenhouse is.??? mostly he sells seeds..sometims sprouted seed..
tindaraorchids..i can speak to.. they ROCK! they sell seed sometimes..more corms..i got a big one last yr.. was fantastic.
good luck to u !!!
love these plants

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thanks for the info guys,
i will look into the sites that you mentioned.
if i order from usa do i need a phyto sanitary cert or is it included in the delivery charges.

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That will be up to what your quarantine regulations are. We have a site here with a data base giving the requirements for importing anything into the counrtry. Your quarantine people possibly have something similar. Although, Tindara probably know already since they send them to other countries.

But a warning note, I got some seed from Tindara a few years back and they sent soil with them. They SHOULD have known it's illegal to import soil into most countries but did it all the same. I got a letter from our quarantine people saying they were going to destroy the whole package and contents. I rang them and pleaded with them to spare the seeds. The seeds weren't mixed with the soil so wouldn't have been contaminated. I don't know whether it was my tears (very few people can stand seeing a grown man cry, LOL) or my logic that changed their minds. Who cares, I ended up getting the seeds finally.

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glad ya did get your seeds tropic.. i doubt tindara would make that mistake anymore..:)
i have similar problem with a plant/seeds i have been trying to get.. its banana musa ingens..native to PNG
im not giving up..one day i'll get some pups of that plant..

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Musa ingens? Oh my, you are setting your sights high, literally! Do you realise how high those grow to? I found some when trekking in PNG a few years back. Saw this huge fallen tree trunk that had the appearance of a banana trunk. Couldn't work it out until I realised it was a banana. Looking around there were all these huge bananas with trunks nearly as big as the other tall trees in the rainforest. If you have the plant inside you'd better nail your roof down a bit more securely.

I don't think they produce pups,.None of the plants I saw had any and I've heard they only reproduce from seed. They only grow in the mountains, I saw them from about 1500 to 2000 metres up, but there's never any snow there. That would indicate they don't take temperatures too low and wouldn't survive high temperatures.

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yea..i know tropic..:) its me insane as ever..lol
i dont think i would ever get an ingens to get as tall as
they do in nature.. sort of like the amorph giants.. even though tindara is getting some tall vegetative growth out of ones they have..i think there tallest titanum was 20+ft tall..
ya..ingens does best in moderate temperatures..not hot..no freezing..from my readings..ingens also has a symbiotic relationship with a specific fungus to do well..
ive actually located a source of the fungus here in the US
my problem is getting a couple small plants.. u know..under 10 ft.. LOL
not giving up though.. we all are die hards when it comes to our plants.. :)

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This is my tallest banana, not quite an ingens, but more manageable, LOL.

Sunset at my place tonight.

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very cool tropic.. u can grow them yr round..lucky u !!!
again..jealous.. i get.. about 5 months..maybe 150+ growing days.. not even 1/2 a yr..
if u hear of anyone with musa ingens.. and they have a couple small plants they are willing to part with..
hint..hint.. :)

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I bought one off e-bay a while back, the guy is here in the US, I think it came from Florida. It took off and was growing like crazy when Hurricane Ike hit. 4` of standing salt water for 24 hours++ killed almost everything in the yard and every single amorphophallus. I haven`t had the heart to replace any of them.

Plant delights I think had them in the past but their prices and shipping costs are downright scary.

On a positive note it will take about 50 years for it to get that big so you have plenty of time to figure out where to keep it.
Good luck on your hunt.
Tally HO!

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i see tindara may be ready to ship titanums in may..
im hoping earlier.. depends on weather..back east USA
theyve had some pretty nasty weather this winter..
its feelin like spring here.. FINALLY !!!

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