Remusatia vivipara questions

mark4321_gwFebruary 25, 2013

Last summer I bought a Remusatia vivipara at the plant store at the UC Botanical Garden in Berkeley. I don't remember how much, but I'm guessing +/- $8

The plant is now dormant. When I bought it it had several stolons. I was expecting it to make bulbils on the stolons, but it didn't, unless I'm missing something, or earlier missed something.

In spite of the dormancy the stolons seem firm and "alive". Can they be laid on top of the soil (or below) and/or chopped up to propagate the plant?

I also noticed a rhizome near ground level. I was digging around it and it broke off. This also looks viable. Can I assume this can be somehow planted and used for propagation?

Please correct my terminology, if any of it is in error.

Here's what the plant looks like now. The main bulb is of course beneath the soil. The piece of rhizome is below the pot.

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I do mean the main tuber is beneath the soil, of course.

I suppose that makes them tubercles, not bulbils, technically.

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I'm on a bit of a learning curve with these. Only found out about them when I found some plants coming out of dormancy late last year. Didn't even know they were a native here. Now I've got 4 large plants in pots. One had those stolons which seem to have "disappeared". But they're producing small plantlets next to the main plants. From what I've read the bulbils will produce plants, not the stolon itself.

Those that I found were all growing as lithophytes, but apparently they're commonly epiphytes as well, and will grow as terrestrials. This is the link to the thread I started on them last year.

Here is a link that might be useful: Interesting aroid

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