david713December 16, 2006

hey i have guppies now and i have about 24 fry in a 5 and 1/2 gallon with live plants a heater and an air pump and gravel so ho wlong till they start showing true colors only about 2 are because they r the oldest about over a month old the kings of the tank and the biggest one of the oldest is showing orange pink like the other two but the other two show black in their tails but idk if they will grow im oatient but i think its because b-4 i put them in the 5 and 1/2 gallon i had them in little bowls dat were cold and dirty and crowded so? yeah well no wthey are pretty big i copied this message from an old one i made but yeah when till they get colors and how to tell sexes

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imaginators(z6 KY)

Congratulations on your fries. If you watch the adult guppies in action, you can easily tell who is the male. He is the one with the pretty colors and the female is bland looking. Also the male is always chasing the females for spawning. This type of fish is continually multiplying on a yearly basis. I would consider getting a larger tank for your many guppies. Many of the fries do not survive after birth for several reason. Some get eaten up by another larger fish, poor water conditions, improper feeding or the fry is not stable enough to mature.

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ok thanks but how do u tell the sexes from the fry they are still small oh and ive got 4 males and two females i think i should get more females

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