Good deal on this 33 Gallon saltwater tank?

Allan870December 9, 2012

I have received a lot of helpful advice in the plant forums from this site. This is my first time posting in the aquarium section, so I'd like to say hi, I'm Allan.

I have been researching saltwater tanks for the past month. I want to set up a tank, just basically teaching myself the basics. If I successful in maintaining a fish only tank, I may try to do something more elaborate in the future.

My friend contacted me, interested in selling her 33-gallon saltwater tank. She is going to include: "under cabinet filtration system, and a full tank of live rock, some salt, and all decorations, heater, circulation pumps, and cabinet, & test strips, all for $175."

I am including two photos that she just sent me below. Basically I am just wondering if $175 is a good deal for this, and if it will eventually lead me towards the goal of having a fish-only tank with a couple of fish.

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Here's the other photo:

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DaGoatMan(7 Central VA)

Hello Allan,

I just happened to pop in and take a look at some of the Aquarium posts and noticed yours. I am by no means an expert, but I have had a 30 gal salt water tank in the past. From my experience a 33 gal tank for salt water is not nearly enough water volume. Salt water tanks are much more difficult to maintain than freshwater and without lager volumes of water, 55 gal and above, it is difficult to keep the water quality correct. As I said before, I am not an expert and I am sure that salt water setups of below 55 gals can be done, but I am sure it takes a lot of monitoring and adjusting of the water quality and salinity. Just my 2 cents worth. Good luck.

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totally agree with goatman...and that may be why its up for sale... however for $175 all's a good deal imho.....i had a 55gal saltwater way back and water stability was a challenge to maintain.

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