amorph hewettii

lomodor(6)February 20, 2014

couldnt find an open " tropical amorph"
my mid sized hewettii went dormant week or so ago..
unpotted it.. cleaned it up..looked good..yea !!! didnt kill it..
im using a "fabric pot" 15 gal size for it this season..
i sure like the fabric pots ive been far..:)
anyways.. i potted it up..days ago.have it on a heat mat.. all of us..i'll check to see how its looking..
and YEA !!.. has a nice creamy white petiole starting up..
its about 4 1/2 " wide..
hoping to get a few of the other "tropical" amorphs this year !! descus-salvae and gigas.. wouldnt mind a couple more hewettii too..
its a drug..thats all there is to it.. :)

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very interesting..not this one..but a smaller hewettii
tuber ..currently in just sending up another petiole..
this is the 2nd season it has done this..
im guessing the current leaf will wither soon..and the newest leaf will take over..
this tuber has been in leaf 2 years going now.. lol
im making an indoor "greenhouse" in the house.. enclosed in plastic, T5 lights..with flextape heat tape under the pots.. its going to house all ..i hope.. of my small potted "tropical" amorphs..
im hoping by giving them better environment they the tubers will grow bigger while in leaf..?? guess i'll see..
any excuse for another project..LOL :)

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As though you needed an excuse, LOL.

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i hopeless.. i just got my finishing tuber today in the mail..from germany..
i have all 4 of the "tropical"amorphs..
way to many titanums..:).. 3 hewettii, 4 gigas..and 1 decus-salvae.. i hope to get another couple decus-salvae..if they show up on ebay.. most of the "tropical" amorphs i get are from germany.. wish more USA growers put there handi work to the tropical species..
i want to start collecting the african amorphs now..

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Hey there!

Everything I've found says the African species are very difficult.


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i think what i will be able to do ..that i struggle to do with my
"tropical" amorphs is give them the conditions they need to thrive.. mostly because the "tropical" amorphs are giants..
eventually i run out of head room for them..:)
the african ones..i have plenty of room..
im hoping that this fall the specialty growers put some up
for sale/auction on eb.. hopefully..
my smaller hewettii are doing great in there "indoor" greenhouse.. humidity moderate..temp warm.and lots of light..

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