bad news for titanum

patusho25(z11 Mexico)March 2, 2009

while out of town, the person I told to water my 13" tall Amorph. titanum just didn´t do so (it´s two stems coming from the same tuber, actually, though one is only 8" tall). it´s completely yellow and still has some turgency. didn´t bend since it´s staked. I watered inmediatly since the sphagnum peat moss + perlite mix was rock hard. it´s moist now. low is 15ºC, max is 33ºC.

will a 13" titanum still has chances of resprouting?. resume watering till stems actually rot?. may be going dormant so no more water? any clue is apreciated.


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bluebonsai101(6a PA)

Likely just went dormant....easy enough to check the tuber to see if it is still OK. Why did you have it staked just out of curiosity?? I've never seen a reason to stake an Amorph.

On a different note: Do you know any nurseries there in Mexico that can legally ship Dracontium soconuscum to the U.S. since these are from tropical southern Mexico?? I would love to give this species a try if I can get some decent size tubers imported......for whatever reason I have a tough time with little bitty offsets.

Best of luck with the titanum :o) Dan

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patusho25(z11 Mexico)

thanks dan. will cross my fingers. staked it back when it was hurricane season. don´t know any nurseries of that kind.


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My titanum goes semi-dormant in the winter. Since I grow my amorphophallus' outside I normally provide support, as during thunderstorms strong blasts of wind have snapped petiols and seriously leaned them over in the past. A 6 ft. tall A. paeoniofolius(sp) with an 6-8' wingspan on a 3-4" dia stem is kinda an unstable structure.

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