New Fantail Goldfish....Some Questions from a Beginner

whitney_fantailDecember 31, 2007

I recently purchased a fantail goldfish.

First off, does anyone know how to tell if it is a male or female?

Also, I have heard that it is not good if you can see veins in the tail. What does that mean? The fish is acting normally and has a healthy appetite.

Thanks for your help!

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Goldfish are difficult to sex unless mature and in breeding condition. It is possible that the presence of veins is an indication of a bacterial infection. But then again, the cultivars can give the impression of a problem and it is only a part of the intended phenotype. for instance, there are very obese goldfish, looking like they have dropsy - but are perfectly fine.

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Thank you! If the fish did happen to have a bacterial infection, what other symptoms would be present?

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The fins would look faded, eaten away, gray-brown. Death would be within a day or two. You may just have a fish whose genetics bring out veins as some goldfish appear to have dropsy.

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