Drooping Peace Lilly

kristi-eMarch 29, 2008

received a Peace Lilly as a gift in January. It is quite large (14" pot) and just beautiful. I've been very careful treating it; even purchased a water meter to be sure I only watered it when it was appropriate. The last time the meter indicated it was ready to be watered I added some Miracle Gro to the water. Within a few days it started to droop. Is it possible the fertilizer was too strong? Any ideas about how to save it. All the leaves are now drooping over the side of the pot and some have begun to turn a bit yellow (ones in the center of the plant). Should I repot it and if so what kind of potting soil is best? Should I let it dry out and see what happens? I'm afraid I'll lose this plant and I really, really love it and don't want to lose it. Help!

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You may have used too much fertilizer. Usually you don't fertilize til Spring. I would trim off the dead ends. Then care as usual. It may come back. Of course, it may be ugly for a while. They usually can recover. They don't like bright light either. Good Luck

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sultry_jasmine_nights (Florida 9a)

It could be that the plant was too dry when it was fertilized. If a plant is really dry you should always water, wait a half hour, then fertilize. I've killed a few plants that way in the past and learned the hard way lol.

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I have had my Spathiphyllum (peace lilly) for Since Feb 2012 and it is a year and 4 months now. I recently started putting a liquid miracle grow in it and I may over did it this week because my baby is drooping and looking really sad and I am sad to see it this way. I decided to repot it this morning with top soil my boyfriend got for it, and I sat it outside in the sun praying my plant will rise and look happy again. Please someone help me. I talk to it, water it, and I dont know what else to do? I am attached to my Peace Lilly and want it to live...

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tsugajunkie z5 SE WI

Usually best to start a new thread rather than piggy-back on a 5 year old thread.

Topsoil is not for potted plants, its for out in the garden. Repot using potting soil mixed 50-50 with perlite. Are there drainage holes in that pot?


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Spathiphyllums are best grown in shade. Direct sun will burn it, adding insult to injury.Place under a tree or in shade and repot into potting soil.

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