Beginner Sauromatum venosum questions

ademink(z5a-5b Indianapolis)March 10, 2006

Hi everyone!

I have truly wanted an Amorphophallus Titanium for the last 3 years but instead, I just picked up a Sauromatum venosum (although they called it Arum cornutum) at Meijer today for 2.99. :)

It has already started sprouting...approx. 1/4th of an inch yesterday and over an inch today!!!! I thought I was crazy but I really think it grew that much over night...very bizarre!

Ok, anyway...I'm in zone 5b/6a and this bad boy is in his little baggie still. I don't know what to do w/ it. Do I have to plant it in a pot inside or can I plant it outside or ....???

Clueless here and would love some basic schooling. Thanks a million for your time! I'm soooo excited to have this stinky baby. LOL


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I would recomend taking it out of the bag and propping it up on a small saucer or similar. Use dry moss or similar underneath to keep it stable as it grows tall but keep it dry. If no roots start growing from the top of the tuber, it is a flowerbud. Just let it do what it has to do.

If roots appear, then it is probably just going to make a leaf and will need planting in a pot. Do not water much until you can definately see leaflets developing. Once it is growing strongly it will require regular water and plenty of fertilizer.

If it does flower, the tuber usually goes into a period of rest before the leaf starts to grow. This period is variable from a week or to up to several months. It grows when it is ready.

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ademink(z5a-5b Indianapolis)

Thank you so much for taking the time to educate me, moriati! What type of fertilizer to you recommend when it's time? I believe that I've read that this variety is hardy in my area and, actually, I seem to have a microclimate in my backyard and can regularly keep Z6 plants alive. Am I to assume that it's acceptable to plant it in the ground rather than a pot at the appropriate time?

Thank you!
andrea :)

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Any fast acting general purpose fertilizer will do the job. I cannot give you specific brands as these will be completely different from those availabe here.

As you only have the one tuber, I would err on the side of caution and keep it in a pot. This way it is easier to move if a sudden frost arrives early. Generally, when the leaves turn yellow and die off, I tip mine out of the pots, dry them and store them indoors somewhere cool but frost free. If you tip the pot out into a bowl and sift thrrough the compost, you will find a number of smaller tubers as a bonus. Use these to try to naturalise the plant in the ground. If they die, you still have the big one.

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nanumi(5-6 Ontario)

Hi, our 3 sauromatus started flowering yesterday but today 2 of those flowers started dropping. Does it flower for just 24 hours?

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