have rot need roots- salvage advise -pics

cheerpeopleMarch 6, 2008

I had a number of alocasia odora sprout from a cut trunk like this last summer, thx to the kind advise I got here. This piece did not sprout any and had some rot when I put it in the basement last fall. I figured when it dried externally in dormant storage the rot would halt and I would plant it out in optimum growing conditions (outside) next summer.

The rot continued however so recently I cut it out, gave it a bleach/water soak, dried it for days then gave it 2 coats of neem oil- garden safe product. then dried it a few more days before planting in potting mix. It turns out have 3 eyes sprouting.

It also turns out the rot continues to eat the inside of this trunk.

Should I recut and bleach water soak again- then pot up in something else?

My options are pine mulch, vermiculate, perlite, or crushed limestone gravel.

I'd like to save them if possible.



Here is a link that might be useful: 2 pics- pointing to 2 eyes and third near my webspace

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bihai(zone 9)

Are you certain its rot and not some insects boring into the tuber? Take a knife and gently scrape and make certain there are not insects inside the flesh. I often have them in the dormant Alocasia rhizomes that get left in the ground overwinter. Many times the bugs will eat the whole rhizome, but plants will return from satellite tubers that it put out underground.

I would soak it not in bleach but in a slurry made of Captan powder (fungicide) and Orthene.

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