Amorphophallus titanum offset

patusho25(z11 Mexico)March 8, 2010

my titanum tuber just went dormant and accidentally discovered that the smallish leaf it has (and still green) is not coming from the same (now) dormant tuber but it´s an offspring (new tuber). actually it´s kind of stunted (guess it´s confused since it´s parent just went dormant and it still "alive". or not!). wonder if I should separate them now or wait till goes dormant also but don´t think that´s right since the mother tuber needs to be dry. hope someone can clarify this to me.


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bluebonsai101(6a PA)

I've never seen an offset on my A. titanum's, but the last one I dug up does have a small second growth that seems to want to form.......I'm pretty sure it will end up being consumed by momma when she grows again. I would not cut it off.....I would let the tuber do whatever it thinks is best. I never store my titanum dry and I do not think others do either, but perhaps other more serious growers will weigh in. Since it is an "evergreen" species (not actually evergreen by any definition of the word, but some people say that for whatever reason) I keep mine barely damp when dormant for a month or so.......sort of like my Dracontium when they are dormant......maybe once every couple of weeks when the top couple of inches of the soil is totally dry I give it some water until it wakes up again and then I resume normal watering. I'll bet in Mexico these are amazing to grow nice and fast!!!

By the way, one of my D. polyphyllum is producing an influorescence after 5 years of growing so I will post a pic when it opens.....very exciting for me!!

Best of luck with it :o) Dan

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patusho25(z11 Mexico)

Hi Dan, this is a fully formed tubercle almost separated from the mother. If can be done will do it if not, will see what happens with it. Indeed, somewhat moist during dormancy is the way to go (just wanted to point out that the smaller tubercle would need more water than the dormant one would tolerate). I´m in a dry region so it´s not that nice and fast. =( Have read (from you and others) they love fertilizer and I barely give them any to them (will ammend that this growing season). Have your titanums awaken already, Dan?. How tall is your biggest one? Mine is about 13" tall.

5 years?? Is that the standard or is your climate. Guess you must be really happy with this surprise after all this time. Will wait for pictures. My amazonense is supposed to flower anytime now. or not. do this species bear every year?.


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bluebonsai101(6a PA)

My climate is not very good for most of these things and I do not have a greenhouse so I do the best I can with the elements against me. I'm just excited to see it bloom....the petiole is really what I love about these. I purchased a D. amazoense off ebay last fall and it is growing nicely so maybe in a few years I will see it bloom as well.

My larest titanum is maybe a 7" diameter tuber and the plant over a meter tall. I've never potted them up and I keep the potting mix lean because if they get any larger I will have to get rid of room in the house for a plant too much bigger than this. My largest Dracontium is over 2 meters tall and it gets almost no sun during the winter because it is too tall for the windows and the basement is too cold where I have my grow lights.

I'll look forward to your Dracontium favorite aroids :o) Dan

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patusho25(z11 Mexico)

if amazonense is a regular bloomer then it should do it in a couple weeks. will take pix.

bummer to hear that, Dan. hope you get a way to get them both dracs and amorph bigger. titanum looks so majestic when bigger. and its flower, of course.

this morning when cheking how attached the titanum offset was, splited the almost dry media and the offset came apart, didn´t even have to pull it!. NICE.

proof no. 1
You can see mothers flat side where Jr. was. Mother is about 5 cm in diam.


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bluebonsai101(6a PA)

Nice looking titanum tuber....I bet it will grow incredibly fast for you in the tropics!!

I'll get pics of my Dracontium once it finishes opening :o) Dan

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patusho25(z11 Mexico)

Dan, dracontium can be taken out of growing media when about to bloom? something like A. konjac?. or must wait till it´s flowering or finishes flowering?.

finally can see cataphyll containing dracontium flower .


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