Will my Water Softener hurt my fish?

azponderDecember 19, 2007

The water here in Arizona is extremely hard (off the chart on my test strips). So we installed a water softener which uses potassium or salt. We chose potassium for the taste and not wanting extra salt in our diet. We also have a reverse osmosis filter system for drinking water.

However, now I am wondering about what water is best for the fish tank. Out of the garden hose tap you get untreated municipal water (the hard stuff). Out of any faucet besides the kitchen sink you get softened water. At the kitchen sink you get softened, and filtered water. I assume that the kitchen water would be best, but then I wondered about the potassium.

If the answer isnt an obvious one, I will do some tests of each source and post the numbers.

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By all means test the water. You might find that mixing some of all may give you what you want for the fish. It also depends on the kind of fish you are keeping.

However, unless you are breeding them and need to keep them in their most natural conditons to prime them for swawning, it's generally better to just keep less sensitive species and acclimate the fish to your water than to try to completely change your water chemistry to suit the fish.

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Your RO water will be your best bet. Mix the RO with tap.

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Some fish, particularly those that are indigeonous to South America, prefer soft (and acid) conditions. That's mostly Tetras and Discus..

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It all depends on the fish kind. The levels of functioning of your water softener have also to be checked in order for you to not have any kind of problems.

Here is a link that might be useful: Complete water softener reviews

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