Zantedeschia A. and "White Giant" help

jardinerowaMarch 6, 2013


OK here's the deal, I live in the San Diego area where most large white callas can be in bloom all year round if given enough water in summer. I've only grown them a couple years so I don't know if they look bad in the winter where it gets down to 40s.
I see callas elsewhere with big, lush, green, and shiny leaves. Mine have chlorosis or yellowing sometimes and thus don't look as great.
Also The "White Giant" with spots that I bought last fall grows SO slow and the leaves are kinda pale green and just wondering what's going on.
First, does "White Giant" naturally grow slower than regular Zantedeschia A.? Also, does "White Giant" handle wet soils as well as the regular Zan. A.?
I also think the soil in the container I transplanted the White Giant into compacts way too easy. Can they live with compaction OK? I added some mulch on top to see if that will aerate the soil over time.
Please any ideas? Thanks.

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grabmebymyhandle(6 Kentucky)

It sounds like they maybe hungry, have u been fertilizing?

I don't have white giant, I been on the lookout a few years now I guess I'll just order one soon, but what I read is that they ar fast growers, most callas handle compaction amazing well, I grow several and they push thru heavy clay and look great!
I currently am growing several from the captian series and thus far they are impressive growers!

I would try more fertilizer and see what happens, also its possible you could have Extremely bad ph I guess, if you have meter then check it if not they about 10 bucks, I would check one out!
Good luck! If you would like I will happily trade you about 30 dollors worth of my plants for that white giant, then you won't need to worry anymore. : )

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Thank you for your response! OK well I transplanted the "White Giant" again and now it's slowly coming back. I am not planning on transplanting it again this year as I know I set it back doing that. I got it in new "peaty" mix and hopefully that will be OK.

I will try fertilizer once it gets going but one thing that worries me is Erwinia rot that Callas sometimes get. I inspected the tuber and there was rotton roots but there were good roots too; the rotten roots were probably just old roots that had been replaced.

I'll let you know when it get's bigger about a possible trade! jeje.


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grabmebymyhandle(6 Kentucky)

I generally like to give heavy feeding aroids 1/4 strength fert the day after they get transplanted abs watered in... It helps with transplant shock some.
Best of luck

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