Albino cories still flashing

sherryazure(6)December 13, 2006

on occasion. By now the red is gone, all seems well.. ie recovered from (earlier post) blind cave nipping on them.... (ps any one who gets blind cave tetras, needs to know they will roter rooter soft leaved plants, and small fish, ie go into frenzied feeding habit like pirana and eat small holes in what ever, also out run even larger fish at feed time - great fish by themselves though.) I digress.

10 gallon with two filters, one from established tank, and box... one passed, one left with one eye ( hemorrhagic septicemia had set in) fins grew back, red bloody inside outside gone, and all seem a-ok..

Now, every once in awhile, esp at feeding time, one or two (may even be one with missig eye, they are hard to see they twitter about so fast).. flashes, dives so on, definately tries to scratch against bottom of tank. There is no sand is this 'hospital' tank. Tank has small piece driftwood - soaked prior to placing with salt so on, just in case, with java ferns plantlets. And some soft silk plants. For the most part they all look well.

One bronze cory had done this in another tank, but after I cleaned bottom - which I do twice weekly anyway, it stopped, this was awhile back.

I cleaned the fluvial to my water holding tank, where I have a chemical filter (stuff to remove chemicals) and a fluvial filter. Water comes from showerhead with filter. Midtown nyc water in my building comes out brown! It was pretty smelly! After one month - was suprised. So my water that I was putting in tank may not have been best???

(I clean bottom every other 3rd day or so (just part ie not alway vacume clean, thin layer of sand anyway as anubias are on wood on suction cups, just enough to exchange some water, and dribble slow fresh water) Part of this reason is the ph goes high and I think nyc has added lime to water system from research I did.

Regardless no other tanks have this flashing going on.

Stops for a few days, then back to that behavior. It is a definate type of scratching/flashing movement. I add fresh water, wee pinch of salt, and bit of stress coat.

I have no idea why/what is causing this. I assumed that after a month or so (since last post on original problem) what ever is causing it would manifest by now....get worse to be able to see what it is?

Amnonia, nitrates, nitrites all zero. (just tested again)

Right now, I took a peek - the hospital is on my desk next to my computer. As usual, with lights off, they are swimming around, on plant up down walls. No one flashing, but I don't look too long.

This darting/flashing behavior is not by all, only one maybe two.. they do all look alike, lol. and not constant. again, the cleaning off the bottom seems to stop it. I do partial water change normally twice a week along the idea of smaller more frequent changes.. in this ten gallon about 2 inches. I take it mostly from bottom. I feed lightly in am, and even lighter early evening.

Any ideas, thoughts help! High ph. 7.6???

Although, the one albino from earlier purchase and different lot in large 20 tank doesn't do this. Same ph. Same water source.


Residual bacteria from earlier episode of hemorrhagic septicemia...(what ever that means, as bacteria is everywhere, lol)

Ick, hard to tell on albinos, and I would think it would spread and get obvious by now.

Some sort of other micro parasite?

Or just strange behavior by this one or two cory?

Should I treat tank with what at 1/2 dose to be sure. Isolate the one guy and treat with what at 1/2 dose? Don't wish to use meds if don't have to but just when I think it is over, starts flashing again.. as if his gills are irritated...

Any help much appreciated. I would like to put them in the 20 long, which is long established, dark with wood and annubias. All to themselves. Would like to make sure they are disease free as it would be hard to capture them out of planted tank so on. Thanks Sherry

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sandywesttexas(zone 7)

You might try this. Walmart sells garlic that has been crushed. It is in little glass jars. I buy these. There is a lot of garlic juice in the jar. I put flake or pellet foods in a cup with a tiny bit of tank water and drip garlic juice a few drops over the food and water. You should be able to smell the garlic. Then I feed this to the fish for a little while every few days. Not everyday. Garlic is also said to increase fish appetite. Just do not use too much, for everything in moderation ( A little goes a long way). If it is a parasite this should take care of it.

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Sherry, you are probably waiting for an answer from Skygee, but since I specialized in corys for a very long time, I will give my thought from what you wrote.

Corys will flash for many reasons. One if the pH is too high. Another if the other water conditions arn't to their hard, to soft or what ever.

With what you discribed of your hospital tank....with the very fine gravel. Do you stir this fine gravel thoroughly? I know you vacumm the bottom and that is very good and you say this stops the flashing. However you must also stir fine gravel so ammonia and such doesn't get trapped under it and build up...Fine gravel, even a thin layer tends to pack. A bare bottom tank is best for a hospital tank. You can put in rock caves and such to make the fish more comfortable and able to hide....thats all they need.

If cleaning the gravel helps, then I suspect the gravel is the problem.

Good Luck,

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SierraAt any rate since all other earlier symptoms had cleared (from blind cave attacking) and only one or two flashed (I think mostly at feeding time) I with advice from pet store management decided he was a wild and crazy guy)(fish)

So, I put them all in established 20 long, low light with annubias and wood. Later added (oops one female betta already there) gourami. All seems fine now... if one kind of digs crazy into gravel (very small layer just for bacteria)I ignore. (well not really, but try not to worry wart)

There are strange things that occur with this nyc water. Even though I pre filter from shower head (or will be brown) and store and filter with chem remover (old pipes so on) I notice and so does pet store (a block or two away) changes. When it rains sewage backs up here into water incoming (YUCK) bacteria count high in summer (hear it on radio news) and it shows up as flex bacteria in tanks, theres and mine. so who knows.

But for these albinos (others (one) in larger tank flashed during same time) but stopped... I occasonally think I see one white spot that doesnt increase but think it is bit of sand as can't find it later. all seems fine now in both tanks so something during summer heat???

ONe main thing could have been fluvival filter (one of two) I used on storage water.... I thought with no fish could go longer (one month) before changing, but it was a bit rank one day and when I took it to clean all this white stuff?

So maybe the water I was using was nasty with something???? Maybe why other was flashing? So, maybe a combination of things, but I think in future, keeping fluvival cleaner might be helpful...


Sandy: thanks for garlic idea... I actually used some oil after giving up on meds with rescue betta female after four months and it doesn't quit!

Was doing salt dips once day, (salt in tank)as if not it would cover her almost overnight.

Stopped with medicated food, and in water save for small amount of bettazing only now as it neared her gills. I took her out and used a garlic oil and water swab...on her side... salt dip then back..

I can hardly believe it on both sides now gone. also increased salt per Dr. Innes salt cure,(bettas can handle large doses of salt I have found, (just do slowly)...I increased this after doing commercial fish disease reserch, and went by their formulae for flex (really helps)

Only problem now is it went near gill (one area I don't spot treat, used mild water and mecurachome (the old with mecury I used as a kid worked wonders for spot treating) ANd It stopped strage growth on gourami (that caluflower growth many mentions when you reserach their diseases)

If you read this do you think garlic could be dabbed on or near gills, or maybe will feed her some garlic in food.

Actually think I answered my own question.. since flex works on muscles and goes inward this may lead to something.. someone else who post here also had success with the garlice. thanks for that suggestions.

And to both much thanks. A releif things are settling down... Best Sherry

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