Help which aroid?

heidi2006March 19, 2006

Can anyone help me please?

One of your members has offered me an aroid background for my website in an earlier post, but has set me a challenge to identify it. Can anyone tell me which aroid this is?

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I'm not seeing a photo. Did you intend to post a photo?


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MacDaddy(z6a NY)

Yeah, I could tell you but that would be CHEATING.

They wanted you to identify it. Hint: The stalk that rubbleshop posted is from the same plant. You can see that it is spotted. The leaves of that particular aroid do resemble potatos.

As a matter of fact the tuber of this plant is edible and used in Japanese cuisine. It was also used in a popular fruit gel snack.

There are three tie-ins between this plant and Telly Savalas.
1) The Genus refers to the shape of his bald head.
2) He was the title actor in a TV show with a name that sounds similar to the species name, but with a missing "n".
3) The lollipop he was sucking in that TV show on may well have contained Glucomannan.

What would you call the tire changing tool in the trunk of the car owned by a convicted felon?

Now get on google and do some searches. I'm sure you have the answer in half an hour.

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MacDaddy(z6a NY)

BTW, I think Telly Savalas's head is "shaped phallic".

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rubbleshop(UK zone 9)

Well Heidi2006. I'm not commenting on other people's clues. May be right, maybe wrong, maybe part right and part wrong!

All I can say, is that those speckles seen on the leaf stalks get everywhere! Here is part of the flower.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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I think, in retrospect, my original reply was too terse about this and the others aren't more helpful either, but the main point is that you shouldn't borrow or copy an image of an unknown plant and add to the confusion. This is one of the main reasons people here distrust eBay, especially when the photo is just copied from a more reliable source.


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rubbleshop(UK zone 9)

Hi Keiko,

The tile I made came from my own photos of my own plants and I made it specially for heidi2006. My photos are not copied from some other source and do not come from eBay. My plants are not unidentified, I was merely setting heidi2006 a challenge.

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MacDaddy(z6a NY)

What rubbleshop is trying to tell you is that I misidentified it. He's right the one I was thinking of has a dark stem and lighter spots. It's not green with white spots. The leaves, stems and branching pattern are very similar so they are probably in the same genus. So guess mine and you are on your way to getting his.

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rubbleshop(UK zone 9)

But they are similar. See link for leaf comparison.

Here is a link that might be useful: leaf comparison.

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