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rosebuddy(z5Ont)December 8, 2006

This may be a very basic question for most of you, but can someone tell me the length of time before a fish that has passed away floats to the surface? I've had my aquarium over two years now (55 gallons) and have had a few fish die which I have retrieved from the bottom of the tank. These fish I knew were in trouble and was keeping a close eye on. This morning I noticed one of my cardinal tetras was missing, and eventually found it floating. I'm sure I saw them all yesterday morning, and all looked well, so I didn't pay much attention last evening as I turned the light off. Just wondering when it may have died as it's the first I've had to remove from the surface. I'm feeling bad that I didn't know that it was in trouble and that it had passed.

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It probably depends on the fish and it's size and medical condition is my guess. I have found some floating and on the bottom. Never fun but as long as you kept it's living condtions in good shape Nature does her thing regardless. we all lose fish, maybe it was just it's time.

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No matter how many times I go through it, I always get a shock when I find a fish that has died. Some are bones (overnight!) some I see as they qietly just move on. Some I have to put down (I do it fast) as they are full of flex overnight and won't make it (full of fuzz) The two worst were when I was looking for one of my glass cats, hard to see anyway. I gave up. Later filter a bit slow, so I adjusted. Then later when I went to clean arrgghh! There he was white as a ghost and dead. I realized I had filled tank water level very high, and he thought it was a stream and went into it. when I adjusted it, that did him her in....

2nd worst. Going on vacation. Feed bali shark. I love this guy, clucks as I hand feed. Come back for one final leave instructions check and can't find the guy. Good thing pres Bush was in town, as we couldn't get to our car rental across street for hours, during which time I looked every where! I decided to clean the filter while taking tank apart...used hot water as usual... getting close yes!

Later water won't go through, so I blow really hard, and get hid in face hard... My BALI babeeee! He had gotten stuck and may have been saved if it had crossed my mind. I then of course cooked him alive! I had even read on this forum fish filter horror stories, and he was so fast and big didn't think it would ever happen to him (yes like an idiot I left the filter part off to increase flow) he would go up wards to pick on plants and apparently went up under intake and for him was enough suction to get sucked up... I tried to imaine what that amount would be and guess we are so big seems impossible but for them must be a lot. I didn't cry until I got back from vacation, for a long time. I just felt horrible.

Oh, well one more. Mrs betta missing from large 20. I felt a bit of water while working on computer, and looked all over. Cat sat now at my feet (tank up high on long built in shelving)... Well after an hour you stop looking as you know they can't make it. Hours later I am petting long haired cat. Something sticky in end of tail.. Yes, my little jumper (from small hole in lid at that, now all are plugged) all dried up and very small. Like a little leaf. My mind raced over each of these intances, what could I have done differently so on... I can only say it is all a learning lesson. Lids on with no holes (one even jumped through grid, now I keep water level down and lid with one small hole in center for ventalation with bettas) filters safely 'capped', and so on....

Guess what I am saying is don't be too hard on yourself. We all do our best and it happens and am sure will again. I dread it though... Best Sherry

Gasses from bacteria can cause bloating, most of my fish as I've mentioned were not at the top or bottom... (ones that died peacefully just drifted to bottom and passed) One gourami with spinning before died, rested on top of plant near top to breathe better. ...

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